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We Invite Your Assistance

     PrisonEd is growing rapidly.  We need your assistance.  We invite you view the contents of this site and then go to Contact.  We are in need of tutors, administrative assistants, and clerical assistants.  It is an opportunity to make a difference!

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Who Are We?

     We believe prison inmates go to prison as punishment, not for punishment.  That is, being removed from society, family, employment, and liberty is the punishment.  We do not subscribe to the mentality of punishing them while in prison.  We believe prisoners are redeemable.  We think our humanity and theirs prompt us to assist.  We believe education is the answer to incarceration.
      PrisonEd is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation registered in the State of Utah.  Our mission is to provide education opportunities to the 6,500+ inmates housed in Utah prisons and jails through our Books & Tutors for Prisoners program.

Why Educate Prisoners?

     Prisoners do receive an education in prison – too often not one that we want.
Approximately 95% of current prison inmates will someday become our neighbors – we’d like to help them be exemplary neighbors, citizens, and people.
      Between 40 and 50 percent of prisoners who are released, return to prison (recidivism).  The expense is more than $2,000 per inmate per month.  We would like to help the State save money so it can be available for other purposes.  Prisoner education is the most effective deterrent to recidivism.

An Invitation to You.

     Take a look at Books & Tutors for Prisoners.   Then click Get Involved to see the ways you can join with us to make a difference.
      Also, we invite you to explore Don Wright’s new book, Freedom Behind Bars: Mentors from Prison for inspiration that will add a new dimension to your life.

The Bottom Line 
     This Utah prison inmate says it best.  “I have a long time to do in prison, yet I am determined to keep from becoming institutionalized, or criminally minded.  I want to leave here a better person than the man I was when I entered.  The only way I can do that is through educational and vocational classes.  [Programs like this] give me hope.  Many of us share a worst fear that we will not be able to make a good transition back into society, and therefore returning to prison, but you are giving us hope.  Without help from the outside we are all but helpless.”  -P.D.







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