PrisonEd Foundation

- Providing education opportunities to Utah's incarcerated

About Us

PrisonEd Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the state of Utah.



Donald L. Wright, Ph.D., President, educator, author
John C. Kimball, MPA, CEO Kimball Equipment Company
Vilja Johnson, M.A., University English instructor and free-lance writer & editor


Advisory Board:

Rocky Anderson – former mayor of Salt Lake City and political activist
Norm Bangerter – former Governor of the State of Utah
Robert F. Bennett (Bob) – former U.S. Senator from Utah; businessman

Jan Booth – M.S., Adjunct faculty UVU; mental health specialization
Chris Cannon – former U.S. congressman from Utah, head of Cannon Industries

Joshua Dobbin – Programmer, systems architect
Jake Garn – former Salt Lake City Mayor, U.S. Senator from Utah, astronaut
Jordan Johnson – manufacturing engineering & systems, entrepreneur
Sara Wilkinson-Lamb – B.S. History & English; Adult Ed Instructor Daggett County Jail
Dallin Morrow – J.D., Attorney
Dick Nourse – long-time television news anchor
Robert C. Oaks – retired US Air Force General, emeritus LDS Quorum of Seventy
Carol Lynn Pearson – M.A., Author, playwright, social advocate
Kenneth C. Rodgers, Ph.D., clinical psychologist
Sandy McGunigall-Smith – Assoc professor, behavioral sci., UVU; PhD in criminology
Thurston, Dawn – College instructor, author, lecturer, leader in writing personal histories


Tutors & Assistants

Kristin Lowe                       English
Elise Silva                           English
Vilja Johnson                      English
Natalie Quinn                     English
Emily Ho                             English
Melody Ashley                   
Write Your Personal Story
Rebecca James                   English, Job Getting Skills, Reading
April Collett                        Job Getting, Job Success
Sampo K. Hynynen              Algebra

Anne Marie Nielson            Math
Jordan Johnson                   Math, Science
Cencira Te’o                        Administrative Assistance
Myra Hutchings                  Administrative Assistance



Mail: PrisonEd Foundation, P.O. Box 900693 Sandy, UT 84090


Brief History

PrisonEd initiated contact with the Utah Department of Corrections in 2009. In 2011, PrisonEd, in cooperation with Utah Valley University, facilitated the following three college courses for credit: Economics 1010 Economics as Social Science; Finance 1060 Personal Finance; and Accounting 1150 Business Math Fundamentals. University professors and assistants provided oversight and tutorial help making contact with prisoners through the U.S. mail.  Forty-one of 45 students passed the UVU challenge exams (91%) and were eligible for college credit.  Twenty-seven of these students applied for admission to UVU and were awarded credit.  PrisonEd proposed to expand the credit program. However, because of limitations of both UVU and the Utah Department of Corrections, the program was deemed unsustainable.

After significant effort, in the Spring of 2014, PrisonEd was allowed to contact prison inmates and offer the program described on this website as Books and Tutors.  Please read the Blog for an update of progress.

As of the end of December, 2014, PrisonEd has enrolled 101 inmate students in programs.



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