PrisonEd Foundation

- Providing education opportunities to Utah's incarcerated


How the Process Works

  1. Student selects an area of study
  2. PrisonEd arranges for a book to be delivered to the inmate (or PrisonEd generated materials)
  3. Tutor guides the student through the course (sometimes the tutor may need to be involved in developing outcomes and assignments)
  4. When an assignment is received, the tutor evaluates it with helpful comments and sends a response back to student (normally within three days).
  5. Tutor assesses student progress and determines when a successful level is achieved.

Tutor Interaction With Prisoners

There are no direct visits, phone calls, Internet or email with students – all interaction is through the U.S. Mail. To avoid potential problems, we incorporate prudent safety precautions in tutor-student interaction.

  1. All communication is related to the course.
  2. You will not use your own name.
  3. Your home address will not be used. Prisoner mail will be forwarded to you.

Curriculum Areas

With every book PrisonEd sends into prison, a tutor is assigned.  We need your expertise in facilitating the following courses:

1. Great Mentors
2. Writing for success in college and business
3. Everyday Math
4. Beginning Algebra
5. Job Success: getting and keeping a job

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Ethics
3. Vocabulary
4. Personal Finance
5. Write Your Own Story
6. If you have an area of expertise beneficial to prison inmates, let us know for consideration.

Note: while courses are non-credit, they are non-the-less designed to be of college-level rigor.


Prisoners: PrisonEd pays for books and curriculum materials.
Tutors: PrisonEd pays for materials and mailings.

Become a PrisonEd Tutor

We invite you to become involved by clicking CONTACT US and sending an email with the information requested on that page.  

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