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Involve a Prisoner

Requests for involvement with PrisonEd must come from a Utah prison or jail inmate.  When you write to him or her, you may pass on information from this website.  Pass on the courses that are listed on the Books & Tutors page.  Convey the information that follows.
1. Inmate is to obtain approval to participate from the housing administrator and obtain a property contract for the book Freedom Behind Bars (which will be mailed directly from CreateSpace, the publisher).
2. Inmate is to write PrisonEd and let us know the following:
a) Tell us you want to participate with PrisonEd beginning with the Freedom Behind Bars course.
b) Let us know you have obtained approval and have arranged a property contract with your housing administrator
c) You agree to produce your own quality work and complete assignments in a timely manner
d) State or describe the next course you would like to take, your level of interest, and your background in that area.
3. PrisonEd will respond to the letter.

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