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Books & Tutors for Prisoners


Status – This program has been approved to function in Utah prisons and jails.


Why This Approach?

We were able to implement a small, highly successful for-credit program but on both the college and prison sides, it was deemed unsustainable.  interestingly, many are concluding college costs are unsustainable for the average young person and family.

We accept the concept and philosophy of MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).   Harvard, Stanford, MIT and many other universities transmit their college course lectures free to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.   Further, Kahn Academy provides “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere” and over the Internet have delivered millions of lessons around the world.  These are at no cost and are without college credit.

In prison, Internet accessibility is not available – however Books & Tutors for Prisoners is.  College credit is not available – but college learning is.  Stratospheric college costs are not involved – scholarships for prison inmates are.  A transcript or diploma is not offered – however a record of courses successfully completed is. 

We believe  most employers are primarily interested in what a person can do, regardless of where or how skills were obtained.  We want our students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired.  We believe true education radiates from one’s actions and conversation. Rather than being stamped on a transcript or diploma, it is etched in the learner’s competence and character.

Many of our students will choose to attend college when the opportunity arises.  They will be remarkably better prepared for success.  Further, based on the competency gained through PrisonEd courses, some students will have the opportunity of testing out of basic college courses resulting in an immense savings in time and money. 

How Does Books & Tutors Work?

No college credit is involved.
The program is conducted through the U.S. Mail. 
Scholarships to cover books and services are available for successful students.
Qualified tutors assist in the learning process.

Students who are limited in writing and math skills will take refresher courses.
Students turn in assignments that demonstrate the achievement of designated outcomes.

PrisonEd will track books/courses successfully completed and mail a Completion Record to students.

What Curriculum is Available?

A. Initial offerings:
            1. Reading Course beginning with the book, Freedom Behind Bars: Mentors from Prison
            2. English/Writing – prep for college and business
            3. Everyday Math & Pre-Algebra
            4. Job Success – job getting and job keeping

B. Ongoing:  We will develop new courses as needed for professional & personal interests.  Currently we are beginning work on the following courses:
-Personal Finance
-Write Your Own Story
If you or someone you know may be interested in helping to develop or serve as a tutor in these courses, please contact us.


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