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PrisonEd Report Dec. 31, 2014

Inmates Enrolled By Month:
8            June 30
17          July 31
34           August 31
49           September 30
61           October 31
73           November 30
101         December 31

Participation By Facility:
Draper                 38
Gunnison            10 (significant expansion underway)
Jails                      53

Enrollees include 14 female students.
To date, we have received assignments back from 65% of students registered in various courses.

3 Student Comments
–  “I am 35 years old, been in prison 10 times – state and federal, come from good parents. Your course has really given me that push to realize that I can turn all this into something positive and helpful to others even though it has started through greed, addiction and selfishness on my part.”
–  “I’ve been incarcerated for 11 years come July 10th.  Over the last 4 months I’ve been struggling to hang on to hope, hope of freedom, or hope of a higher quality of life for myself, and those around me.   You and your associates have given me back hope, and a renewed belief in the good of the human race. “
–  “You are great for trying to help the way you do. Most people despise “inmate criminals,” and you see us as human beings with potential for good, who have value and deserve love and help.  I love you for that.  It is a rare quality to not look down on such as us.”


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