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PrisonEd Report Feb 28, 2015

PrisonEd Summary Report Feb. 28, 2015

Inmates Enrolled By Month:
   8        June 30
17      July 31
34         August 31
49         September 30
61         October 31
73         November 30
101       December 31
122       January 31, 2015
134       February 28, 2015

Participation By Facility:
DRAPER             41
GUNNISON        26
JAILS                  67
TOTAL              134

Enrollees include 17 female students.
To date, we have received assignments back from 73% of students registered in various courses.

Comment of a Student Responding to Freedom Behind Bars: Mentors from Prison

These lessons have helped me by being tools that I can use to shape and mold myself into a better person. They are also tools to help me uncover who I am. . . . Where I am mentally and spiritually as a prisoner has changed after reading these stories. I don’t feel as lost as I did before reading them. . . . These stories helped me to revamp my mind. Being able to read about other people who dealt with similar mental prisons, helped me to liberate my mind enough to advance in my transformation. . . . Spiritually I feel that my faith is stronger after reading these stories. I am no longer questioning my beliefs. . . . I’m excited about learning about myself and to see what I can accomplish once I liberate my mind and inner self. – MC

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