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PrisonEd Report Jan. 31, 2015

PrisonEd Summary Report January 31, 2015

Inmates Enrolled By Month:
   8         June 30
17         July 31
34         August 31
49         September 30
61         October 31
73         November 30
101       December 31
122       January 31, 2015

Participation By Facility:
Draper                 40
Gunnison            24
Jails                     58

Enrollees include 16 female students.
To date, we have received assignments back from 70% of students registered in various courses.

3 Student Comments

“I am a pretty good forgiving person of others who have done my wrong. However, perhaps my biggest struggle (among other thing) is with Forgiving my Self. I know what it means to forgive others: but what I do not know is what self-forgiveness is suppose to look, feel, taste, and smell like.”

“The thing I learned from this lesson is that I’ve been so caught up in material things in my life that I lost myself. Now that I’ve had a chance to look deep within myself I’ve realized I had forgotten who I was.”

“Before I came to prison I suffered and was prisoner to depression, alcohol, drugs, and pornography. I was in a prison inside my mind, full of hopelessness and despair. I wanted to escape this and stop the negative behavior and thinking, but success was always partial or fleeting. . . . My mission has already begun, and I’m laced up and ready for my long walk. My responsibility is to improve my life and the lives of those I encounter. A story began with tragedy, will be turned to one of motivation and triumph.”

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