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PrisonEd Report Nov. 30, 2014

Inmates Enrolled By Month:
   8           June 30
17           July 31
34           August 31
49           September 30
61           October 31
73           November 30

Participation By Facility:
DRAPER           –             35
GUNNISON       –            10
JAILS                 –             28

TOTAL                              73

Two comments by students after reading the story of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn:

#1:  “I would like to exemplify a “little spark of God” in my actions and relationships within these prison walls.  I would like to bear others’ burdens, and hold other’s hands that hang down.  I personally choose to follow Solzhenitsyn’s example by responding to “stirrings of good” within myself and use this opportunity to become truly, genuinely optimistic and free in my heart, mind and soul.  And hopefully, when I return home, I will be a better person for my experiences here.”

#2:  “Before I came to prison I suffered and was prisoner to depression, alcohol, drugs, and pornography.  I was in a prison inside my mind, full of hopelessness and despair.  . . . Solzhenitsyn stated that “imprisonment begins to transform your former character in an astonishing way.”  This transformation within myself has been sweet and exquisite.  It is life changing.  I’m recovering and getting better every day.  I will be a good and productive member of society again one day and will be a law abiding citizen.  My story will be one of success…one about how I committed a terrible crime, was transformed in prison, and came out and made a huge impact for good in the world, while never returning to my former issues.”


PrisonEd Full Report November 30, 2014

Participation By Facility:

DRAPER           –             35
A-East                   2
Lone Peak             3
Timp 1                   5
Timp 2                   4
Uinta 3                  1
Uinta 4                  1
Oq 2                       2
W-B                       4
W-C                       11
W-D                       2

GUNNISON –               10
Aspen                   5
Birch                      3
Gale                       2

JAILS                 –             28
Daggett Co          12
Kane Co               2
Purgatory            8
San Juan Co        1

Wasatch Co        5

TOTAL                             73

Courses & Number of Students Enrolled (totals more than 73 due to some students taking multiple courses)

Great Mentors
53           Freedom Behind Bars (beginning course for most) – an additional 13 have completed
4              Additional Reading of Mentors – an additional 4 have completed

Great Courses – DVD College Professors (at Daggett Co. Jail)
2              Algebra II
3              Civil Rights
3              Practical Mindfulness
4              Theory of Evolution
2              Vikings

Job Success
5              Getting a Job & Keeping It Part 1 – an additional 4 have completed
2              Getting a Job & Keeping It Part 2 – an additional 2 have completed

7              Everyday Math for Life & Business
1              Introduction to Algebra

10           College & Professional Success


Students include 12 females.
To date, we have received assignments back from 53% of students registered.

Updated: December 3, 2014 — 4:39 am
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